Smiley: Show Your Emotions

Smiley: Show Your Emotions is the first app of it’s kind on the App Store that allows you complete freedom with creation and expression of emotions. It caught my attention not because how I love to use emoji in texting, but that now I can create emotions that are not in the emoji keyboard! I figured that there is more than 150 materials that you can choose from that stack to and amazing number of combinations. The art style of the emoji and the stickers that you can create on your own is awesome, it fit’s right in for the iOS7! I thought at the beginning that it was made by Apple, but it appears that this was given to us for FREE from third party developers. Most of all I really liked the intuitive design that lets me use those stickers in my messages. All the stickers are inserted in your iMessages are of an amazing quality!

Smiley: Show Your Emotions

This entertainment app deserves great attention of the emoji users! It is free and the team of developers post more and more information on their Facebook page about new and upcoming materials, and best of all is that each and everyone can take part in the adding new materials in there!

Overall verdict I give it FIVE STARS for the design, creativity and making it available to a mass audience. It is an amazing app to start your new year with colorful texting!


Instagram: @Smiley_Show_Your_Emotions

App Store:


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